Field Trails

Field Trails

Field Trail Champion

The following are a list of the Irish Kennel Club requirements to make up your dog as a Field Trial Champion:

(a)  Championship Points valued 1st –  4 Championship Points

Championship Points valued 2nd – 3 Championship Points

Championship Points valued 3rd – 2 Championship Points may be offered by

The Irish Kennel Club Ltd. At Championship, Open or Derby Stake.

(b)  At least one Green Star won at Field Trials and 12 Championship Points, one of  which must be valued 4 points and          the remaining eight include either one valued 4 points or two valued 3 points at Field Trials held under the Licence of The Irish Kennel Club Ltd., having been cumulatively attained such dog shall be entitled to the prefix Field Trial Champion, provided that it complies with the provisions of Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the Rules as appropriated and that:

 (i)   At least 8 dogs compete in each Stake.

(ii)  Not more than five Championship Points towards the title of Field Trial Champion were awarded   by the same  judge.

(iii) Not more than five Championship Points gained at Field Trials confined to one breed shall count toward the title  of  Field Trial Champion.

(iv)  It has won a Green Star or at least 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Reserve in a Graduate, Limit, Open or Field Trial Class at a recognised Championship Show where Green Stars were offered in the breed.

(v)  As and from the introduction of these rules Green Stars won at Field Trials previously shall have the same value as Championship Points.

(vi)  In addition and subject to the In addition and subject to the provision of Rule 52 (v), of these rules, the following dogs shall be entitled to be

 (c)  The winner of the Pointer and Setter Championship Stake

 (d)  The winner of the Retriever Championship Stake

 (e)  The winner of the Spaniel Championship Stake

 (f)   The winner of the Dual Purpose Gundog Championship Stake

      * In the light of the recent changes to the Green Star System in Ireland the above may be subject to change.


Field Trails

To gain the title of Ch. (Champion) the dog must obtain a Show Gundog qualifying Certificate.  A dog may enter a Field Trial to qualify for the title of Champion in accordance with the requirements laid down for the breed concerned.  

For Golden Retrievers Judges must sign a Certificate of Competency for the dogs entered for a Qualifying Certificate to certify that the dog mentioned:

    •        Entered water and swam
    •        Faced cover and retrieved
    •        Is not gun shy
    •        Retrieved game tenderly
    •        Did not bark or whine while in line
    •        That there was adequate game